Cuyahoga Falls location-Summer 2017 Events!

 Every Thursday 97.5 WONE Night Out here live from 7-9 pm on the Patio. There
will be prizes to give out.. plus it’s 1.50 domestic beer night from 3-9 pm.
all bands perform on the patio stage from 8pm to 11pm, weather permitting
May 5th Sunset Strip
May 12th 1988 
May 19th Ted Stockton 
May 25th Kick off for 97.5 WONE Thursday Night Out with Punching Oswald  
May 26th Buck Naked 
June 1st Sunset Strip  with 97.5 WONE
June 2nd Afterthoughts 
June 3rd Humbucker Blues 
June 8th Bad Alibi with 97.5 WONE
June Dark Side of Moon  
June 15 Grim Republic with 97.5 WONE
June 16 Breakfast Club 
June 17 Instant Replay
June 22  Walt Wise / Billy Joel with 97.5 WONE
June 23rd 1988
June 29th Fillmore East with 97.5 WONE
June 30 Will Freed 
July 6th No expectations with 97.5 WONE
July 7 Red Neck Romeo’s 
July 8 Afterthoughts
July 13 Sunset Strip with 97.5 WONE
July 14  Ted Stockton 
July 15 Buck Naked
July 20 Connections  with 97.5 WONE
July 22  Grim Republic 
July 27  Fillmore East with 97.5 WONE
July 28  Disco Inferno 
Aug 3 Punching Oswald with 97.5 WONE
Aug 4 Country Reign 
Aug 5 Humbucker Blues 
Aug 10 Sunset Strip with 97.5 WONE
Aug 11  Jersey Boys 
Aug 17  Instant Replay with 97.5 WONE
Aug 18  Ted Stockton 
Aug 19  Will Freed 
Aug 24 Walt Wise/Billy Joel with 97.5 WONE 
Aug 25 Disco Inferno 
Aug 31 Dark Side of Moon  with 97.5 WONE
Sept 1 Bad Alibi y
Sept 2 No expectations 
Sept 8 AC/DC  Tribute 
Sept 9 Afterthoughts 
Sept 15 Sunset Strip   Last Band of the Season
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