Franchise Agreement

Terms and conditions 

I acknowledge that by submitting this inquiry that all information is complete and factual. It is understood that establishing a franchise requires a certain amount of cash and assets. It is further understood that an acceptable credit history is a major factor. I give permission to U.F.O., Inc. to verify my credit, credibility and/or references. I authorize all parties contacted by U.F.O., Inc. to release this information.

Viewers of this Web site acknowledge its content and trademarks are the property of U.F.O., Inc. Use of the contents, for any purpose, without prior written consent of U.F.O., Inc. is prohibited. This portion of the site is for the purpose of investigating the possibility of owning a Wing Warehouse Franchise. Inquires by phone or mail; as well as to [email protected]  are welcome.

Submission on this page acknowledges and accepts the above conditions.


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