Confidential Franchise Disclosure Agreement

WHEREAS, U.F.O., Inc., an Ohio corporation, has permission to market and sell a certain unique and specialized training, management and marketing techniques and other procedures and methods of operation known as the WING WAREHOUSE system (herein referred to as the “System”); and,

WHEREAS, the applicant as an individual/corporation, is a potential lessee hereinafter referred to as “potential Franchisee” of a business opportunity now offored by U.F.O., Inc. to study the System to determine the desirability of negotiating an Agreement for leasing the System;

IT IS AGREED and UNDERSTOOD that the potential Franchisee will keep confidential all information relating to the System, including but not limited to any trade secret and all particulars and descriptions relating to the System. The potential Franchisee will not make any notes, sketches, drawings or photographs relating to the System..

IT IS FURTHER AGREED that the potential Frnchisee consents and agrees not to at anytime hereafter challenge or object to the right of U.F.O., Inc. to assert proprietary right protection according to law for any aspect of the System.

Confidential Franchise Questionnaire:
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